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Oil Filtration Solutions is Atlantic Canada’s most trusted, locally owned, and operated oil recycling technology company, for over 20 years!

It’s our great pleasure to help the industry lend a helping hand to the environment while improving our customers’ bottom line. Our product lines and services are proactive and cost-effective solutions to reducing oil consumption and waste oil production while improving equipment reliability, reducing downtime, saving our customers valuable time and money.

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About Us

We are committed to customer service and the environment.

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Generation 2 Filtration™

The G2F™ line of oil by-pass filtration systems are proven to dramatically prolong oil with operational safety.

Prolab Technolube

Prolab is a Canadian company which develops and manufactures high-end industrial lubricants with their patent ‘build-in’ anti-friction treatment.

Oil Sample Analysis

Performing regular oil sample analysis monitors the health of the oil and the equipment it lubricates, establishing patterns of mechanical wear, helping one to identify potential problems before they become costly to repair ventures.

It Was A No Brainer

“We initially installed the filter system in 2003 when we built our first vessel, the Shandy Pauline II. We ran consistently 1,500-2,000 hours between oil changes on our main engine Cat 3412E, and oil samples showed our soot levels were less than 1%, and the oil was still good for further use. We put over 38,000 hours on the engine without an overhaul or any mechanical failures. The filter system also removed water from our hydraulic system. We have since outfitted our new vessel the MV Russell’s Legacy back in 2019, and it continues to save us a lot of time and money – it was a no brainer.”

Allister Russell, Mary’s Harbour, NL
MV Russell’s Legacy

Allister Russell, Mary's Harbour, NL

We Highly Recommend It

“We had the filter systems installed on the main engine, both generators, hydraulics, and transmission. We ran 3 times longer on our engine oil and main oil filters since 2003. Laboratory reports continued to show the oil was healthy, the engines were free off soot, engine wear was at a minimum. When we lost our hydraulic cooler the filter system removed the water without us having to replace the oil or flush the hydraulic system. It saved up a significant amount of money since 2004. David and I highly recommend it to anyone. It continues to serve the new vessel owner as well.”

Glen White, Catalina, NL
Former owner of the MV Atlantic Conquest II

Glen White, Catalina, NL

A Noticeable Improvement

“Within a couple of weeks, I felt a noticeable improvement in the operation of the hydraulic system. The system came in handy a couple of years later when we lost our oil cooler. We have it installed on all engines, and the gearbox as well. It paid for itself in the first couple of years.”

Jim Matchim, Eastport, NL
Former owner of MV Atlantic Providence

Jim Matchim, Eastport, NL

We Put Over 48,000 Hours On Our Engine

“We put over 48,000 hours on the last engine with no overhauls since 2003, while running 2 to 3 times longer between oil changes using the oil filtering technology. Our oil samples showed the oil was healthy and engine wear was normal. When we finally swapped it out in February 2019, the engine was in such good condition, we had no problem selling it. The filters saved us a fair bit of time, money, and downtime this past 17 years.”

Jason Petten, Port de Grave, NL
MV Atlantic Challenger

Jason Petten, Port de Grave, NL

Keeping The Oil and Engine Healthy

“When both engines were stripped down, it was hard to believe how clean they were. There was absolutely no sludge and engine wear was at a minimum….both were still within CSI Specifications. You just don’t see engines in this condition running 3–4 times longer between oil changes. These were the two cleanest engines I have ever worked on in my life. I am convinced these fine filters are removing soot and water the other filters are not, keeping the oil and engine much healthier.”

John Tobin, St. John’s, NL
‘Inter-Provincial’ Diesel Mechanic since 1967

John Tobin, St. John's, NL